‚Die Harfe' in digital format

The HARFE USB STICK with all HARFE editions since 1982 is a source of valuable information on Irish philately and postal history. The editions from issue 100 onwards contain the illustrations – if available – in full colour.
The HARFE issues are stored electronically (as PDF files) and can be viewed or printed out at any time.
Owners of the HARFE-USB stick can also browse all editions for desired topics after entering keywords.
The package contains a detailed user manual in German and English.
The USB-stick was composed with the help of many FAI members. Thank you very much!

The price for the USB-stick is 20 € (plus postage).

It can be ordered at

Wolfgang Fiedler
Am Mesterwinkel 12
D-30952 Ronneberg
Deutschland / Germany

+49 (0)178 8678997; E-Mail: w.w.fiedler@web.de