FAI Publication Series No. 35
English Version

Irish Post Offices and Their Postmarks since 1600
2nd Edition 2024
Digitized, revised and extended by Hans-Jürgen Goebelbecker

The publication is available digitally in six modules. These can be freely downloaded in the latest version and used in accordance with their Creative Commons Lincense CC BY-NC-SA.

Module Number of Pages Content / Downlaod Last Update File Size
I 17 Title, Credits and Introduction May, 21st, 2024 0,6 MB
II 41 Postmark Illustrations April 30th, 2024 16 MB
III 164 County Listings, Part A June 23rd, 2024 3,4 MB
IV 164 County Listings, Part B June 23rd, 2024 3,9 MB
V 40 Index of Names in Irish May, 21st, 2024 1,2 MB
VI 35 Index of Names in English June 23rd, 2024 1,1 MB

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Update 2024-06-23